In the course of the musical career of the pianist numerous photographs and recordings were created at home and abroad.

References to the publications and opportunities for Play available today can be found here. The double CD "Richard Kratzmann Genuine Piano" is also available through iTunes. Here you will find the comments of the artist to some recordings.

The recordings produced in the Bavarian broadcasting for years have been aired repeatedly by the broadcaster BR-Klassik and other stations.


Documentary film

"Johannes Brahms - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No 2 B-flat major, Op. 83"

Copyright: Czech Television, Prague.
German Sub-titles: Richard Kratzmann, Heidrun Schulz

The documentary shows excerpts from artistic rehearsals for the final maestro concert with the Symphony Orchestra of the Capital City of Prague - FOK. The pianist Kratzmann is instructed by the professors Josef Paleniček und František Rauch in the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.





1 LP, Copyright Richard Kratzmann, Panton Prague 1971
M.P. Mussorgskij Kartinky
Luboš Fišer III. Sonata
Panton Prag 1971



1 CD, Copyright Richard Kratzmann, SPG GmbH, Munich 1986
M. Mussorgskij Pictures at an Exhibition
S. Rachmaninoff Moment musical op. 16 No. 3 B-minor
Études Tableau op. 39 No. 5 E-flat-minor
A. Skrjabin Étude op. 42 F-sharp-major
Étude op. 42 C-sharp-minor
S. Prokofieff The Devilish Inspiration (Suggestion Diabolique) op. 4 No. 4



2 CD, MJM Music Just Music, New York 2011
M. Mussorgskij Pictures at an Exhibition
S. Rachmaninoff Etude-Tableau op. 39 No. 5 E-flat-minor
Moment musical op. 16 No. 3 B-minor
A. Skrjabin Etude op. 42 No. 3 F-sharp-major
Etude op. 42 N0. 5 C-sharp-minor ll
CD 2:  
S. Rachmaninoff Etude-Tableau op. 33 No. 1 F-minor
Etude-Tableau op. 33 No. 2 C-major
Etude-Tableau op. 33 No. 4 E-flat-major
Etude-Tableau op. 33 No. 5 G-minor
S. Prokofieff Sonata for Piano No. 1 f-minor, op. 1
J. Suk Chanson d'amour for piano solo, op. 7 No. 1
L. Fišer III. Sonata for Piano
S. Rachmaninoff Sonata for Piano No. 2 b-minor, op. 36




The artist's commentary on some recordings on this double CD:

Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition
In adolescence I first heard the "Pictures at an Exhibition" in the interpretation of Sviatoslav Richter and was immediately fascinated by the implementation of the Russian fairy tale and bizarre fantasy: a world that I knew personally from the literature and from films and to me later further opened by my Russian friends on my concert tours crisscrossing Russia. On my first trip to Rome, I felt my already well-established interpretation after visiting the Roman catacombs completely

Rachmaninoff: Moment Musical Op 16 No. 3 in B minor
The fate of Russia: A moody, painful feeling! There is a groan of suffering and deep sorrow over the fate of Russia. With such a conception I have interpreted it.

Rachmaninoff: Etude-Tableau Op 39 No 5 in E flat minor, and Scriabin: Etudes Op 42
I heard an interpretation of Sviatoslav Richter in Paris and decided to interpret these etudes themselves.

Prokofieff: Sugestion Diabolique op. 4 Nr. 4
The composition dates from the time of the fantastic romanticism, which is why I played it. In the game I see a Diabolo, who suddenly appears, behaves, dances wildly and disappears in a cloud of sulfur.

Rachmaninow: Etude-Tableau op. 33 (4)
Opus numbers of these etudes, I did not know in the interpretations by Sviatoslav Richter, were the impetus for the rehearsal of these works for me.

Prokofiev: Sonata for Piano No. 1 in F minor, Op 1
A compact-dramatic form - in which you can still find the romantic youth force of the composer.

Suk: Chanson d'amour for solo piano, Op 7 No 1
The love song was written at the height of Prague's Secession. The atmosphere of that time in the Prague salons inspired me to one interpretation. It is intimate souks reverberation its service life, with an intimate lyricism. The magnificent structural design of the song fascinates me.

Fiser: III. Sonata for Piano
The composer had heard me in Prague on a piano recital and then asked me to consider if I wanted to interpret the third sonata. There developed a long friendship between the two of us until his death in 1999. His expressive style of composition and the significance of the contemporary composition language I liked spontaneously.

Rachmaninoff: Sonata for Piano no. 2 in B flat minor, Op 36
The sonata was composed in 1913/1931. The brilliant art of Rachmaninov's style has impressed me and moved. I play the second, self-fashioned by the composer version from 1931 and yet at the same time in consciousness, such as Vladimir Horowitz had previously interpreted.


Recordings at Bavarian Broadcasting (BR)

L. v. Beethoven Sonate für Klavier f-moll, op. 2 Nr. 1
A. Dvorák Ein Tanz für Klavier, op. 85 Nr. 7, Furiant
Konzert für Klavier und Orchester g-moll, op.33
L. Fišer Klaviersonate Nr. 6
J. Jezek Buggattistep
B. Martinu Drei tschechische Tänze
2. Konzert für Klavier und Orchester
S. Prokofjew Visions fugitives, op. 22
Suggestion diabolique, op. 4 Nr. 4
Sonate für Klavier Nr. 1 f-moll op.1
S. Rachmaninow Sonate für Klavier Nr. 2 b-moll, op. 36
Prélude für Klavier cis-moll, op. 3 Nr. 2
aus: Etudes Tableaux für Klavier op.33
G. Rossini Präludium, Thema und Variationen für Horn und Klavier Es-Dur
D. Schostakowitsch Präludium und Fuge für Klavier es-moll, op. 87 Nr. 14
R. Schtschedrin Konzert für Klavier und Orchester Nr. 1, Fassung von 1974
A. Skrjabin Sonate für Klavier Nr. 1 f-moll, op. 6
Klaviersonate Nr. 5 es-moll
aus: Acht Etüden für Klavier, op. 42
   Nr. 3: fis-moll. Prestissimo
   Nr. 5: cis-moll. Affannato
   Nr. 6 : Des-dur. Esaltato
   Nr. 8 : Es-dur. Allegro
K. Slavicky Drei Stücke für Klavier
B. Smetana Polka für Klavier Fis-dur, op. 7 Nr. 1
aus: Böhmische Tänze
    Nr. 5: Furiant
    Nr. 6: Hühnchen. Moderato
    Nr. 8: Bär. Allegro
F. Strauss Thema und Variationen für Horn und Klavier
J. Suk Chanson d’amour für Klavier solo, op. 7 Nr.1